sweet corn

1.Crash ginger, and slice one onion.
2. Heat the cooking oil in the pan. Cook the ginger and onion for about 3 minutes.
3. Add the sweet corn.
4. Add a little bit of salt and sugar.
5. Add water to cook sweet corn.
6. When the sweet corn is already cooked,
Ready to serve.

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praws and drumsticks (Indian Style)

Cut 4 drum sticks into pieces.

Clean 1 kilogram of prawn and mix with salt and turmeric powder.

Crush 4 cloves of garlic and 2 big onions together.

Chop 4 tomatoes.

Mix tamarind with water.

Heat the pot and boil 3 spoons of cooking oil. Cook the onion and garlic together with chili powder and turmeric powder.

Add the drum sticks.

Put salt and sugar.

When the drum stick is softened, add tomatoes and prawns.

When the prawn is cooked, put tamarind juice and 2 spoons of masala.

Put salt and a little bit of sugar if needed.

Ready to serve.

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roasted pumpkin

small pumpkin
cut, remove the seeds and clean.
mix 3 eggs, one spoon of sugar, a little bit of sugar and one spoon of condensed milk cream.
fill in the pumpkin
put water in the pot and place the pumpkin in the pot. Cover the pot and heat.

45 minutes later,
ready to serve.


prawn tempura

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Coconut Jelly

Boil 40 grams of Agar-agar stick together with 6 litres of water, a little bit of salt and 1/4 kilogram of sugar.

Boil 2 cans of coconut cream ( Santan Krim) together with a little salt and 5 spoons of sugar.

Mix the boiled agar-agar and boiled coconut cream together and cook on the stove for a while.If you want soft jelly, don't cook too long, just 4 or 5 minutes.

Place the mixture in the container and let it cool.

Ready to serve.


Lablab bean

I love this fried lablab bean which has been mixed together with onion slices, a little bit of salt and pea nut oil.
We, Myanmar people call it "Pe` Chan Kyaw Thoat" (lablab bean salad).
It matches with Chinese Tea.



Slice beef as you like.
Crush onion, garlic, ginger . Chop 7 tomatoes.
Mix beef, onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cooking oil, sugar, salt,water, tumeric powder and chili powder.
Cook until the beef is soften.When water is needed, add some more and more as you like.